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Baggage and Passenger Handling Systems Control – Scarabee


One gripe that is so common among airline passengers that it has become a cliché in its own right is that anxious feeling as you wait for your bags to arrive on the carousel wondering if you both made it to the same airport. It’s a major source of stress for passengers; so much so that finding new ways to relieve it has become a major focus for the industry.

High Performance Global Airport Competence

Solutions – Airport Consulting Vienna


The role of the airport has changed remarkably over the past couple of decades. Once they were purely functional – dour buildings with the sole purpose of loading passengers onto aircraft and sending them into the blue. Now, all that has changed. They are high-performance money-making machines, acting as gateways to their respective countries. As such, ensuring that everything they do reaches the very highest standards has never been more important.

Visual Display Solutions for Airport Traffic Control Operations – EIZO Corporation


Air traffic control has been keeping our sky safe in the same way for decades, but times are changing. The next 20 years are likely to bring capacity demands and other challenges which will push air traffic control systems beyond their current capabilities. New tracking and surveillance systems are being brought in which increase the amount of coverage area and data available to controllers. This heralds an opportunity to revolutionize the visual experience for the controller.

Ruggedized Laptops and Tablets for Harsh Aviation Environments – Panasonic


Looking back over the past 15 years, it’s remarkable how integral mobile computing has become to our work and leisure life. First, laptops started to displace desktop computers; then tablets started to move in on laptops. Investment, driven by insatiable consumer demand has spurred innovation to unprecedented levels.

The impact on the industrial space has been transformative, but some areas of aviation remained relatively untouched until recently. That is now changing with the introduction of tough ruggedized laptops and tablets capable of functioning within the most extreme environments.

Detection Solutions for Future Airport Baggage and Passenger Screening Operations – Morpho Detection


Airport baggage scanning is passing through a transformative phase. With new technology becoming available and regulators demanding more effective systems, airports in the UK, Europe and around the world are updating to more sophisticated scanners, which can detect a much wider range of substances.

Integrated Airport Security Solutions – 3M


Every year it seems as if passing through airport security becomes more complex and time consuming. Passengers have come to view delays and inconvenience as part of the flying experience, but there are signs that this trend could soon be thrown into reverse. A new generation of ideas and technologies promises to automate procedures, reduce waiting times and lighten the load on passengers – all the while improving the accuracy of screening processes.

Seating Solutions for Modern Airport Environments ­



Airports are beginning to focus more on aesthetic interior design as well as function. Around the world, the most forward thinking airports are redesigning their interiors to create a relaxing and enjoyable place to be. Seating has a big role to play. It’s becoming more diverse, more comfortable and is integrating digital technology. 

Runway Status Light Technology – Indra Navia


Pilots around the world are starting to get used to a new form of lighting signal – the runway status light. Its use is growing rapidly in the US and it’s now making its mark in Europe. It’s a fresh piece of technology for a new and more demanding age of aviation, but, as with any innovation, gaining acceptance can be a lengthy process.

Improving Aviation Security Performance –­ Point FWD


Security checkpoints are a pivotal part of any airport. They keep passengers and crew safe from threats which are constantly evolving - but they must also improve turnaround times to make life easier on passengers. A tailored approach based on data assists airports fulfil both goals. Advanced checkpoint analysis tools have been critical in helping airports to assess performance, identify weaknesses and make progress.

Queue Management Solutions for Modern Airport Operations – Qmetrix


Many people often feel a sense of impending dread as they arrive at an airport. For the next few hours they will be moving through various bottlenecks until, finally, they arrive, exhausted, at the boarding gate. It is not a pleasant experience and, with airports becoming more overcrowded, it’s likely to get worse. New passenger flow optimization systems promise to help airports reduce waiting times, save money, and increase the information available to operators.

Meteorology Sensor Solutions for Adverse Aviation Weather Conditions – Selex


Ever since man first took to the skies, the weather has been the enemy of progress. Today it remains the number one cause of fatalities, and also has a major impact on infrastructure. With aviation companies scratching their heads about how they will cope with an expected boom in passenger numbers, improving weather forecasting will be more than a safety issue - it could determine whether airports and airlines can cope with the challenge of satisfying demand.

AODB Systems for Regional Airports

– Adecs AirSystems

Airport Technology Reports 49 - AODB Sys

There has been considerable technological development in refuelling systems over the past few years. However, airports need solutions which work within their practical and financial constraints and help them meet the crucial challenges coming their way.

Access and Security Gate Solutions for Aviation Check-in to Boarding Operations – FAAC International Inc.


It’s a challenge vexing airport managers all over the world - how do they cope with the predicted increase in traffic with limited scope to improve infrastructure? The answer, of course, is to improve dramatically the efficiency of what they have.

This is what’s driving the rapid evolution of airport gate security. New technologies are creating a host of opportunities to reduce costs, improve processing times and increase capacity – all without compromising security.

How Smart Glass is Enhancing the Passenger Experience

– Sage Glass

Airport Technology Reports - 50 - How Sm

We live in the age of smart technology. Everything, from our phones to our cars and even our homes is becoming more connected, but glass has remained much as it ever has been. Now, though, that is changing, thanks to the arrival of smart or ‘dynamic’ glass.

Aviation Refuelling Solutions – Flofuel


There has been considerable technological development in refuelling systems over the past few years. However, airports need solutions which work within their practical and financial constraints and help them meet the crucial challenges coming their way.


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