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bluQube does all the usual things you’d expect from your finance system from Purchase Orders to Sales Invoices, scanning invoices to showing you what’s in the bank but, thanks to some handy services and tools, it’s able to complete the same functions in an efficient and easy way. The company believes that software should be adaptable, intuitive, easy to use and be tailored to your organisation’s needs.


To promote bluQube's innovative and unique accounting platform to help companies introduce true Interoperability, so their accounting systems can receive updated data in real time from other systems such as CRM and payroll.


We produced a technically informative but easily accessible report examining the state of the art in finance system technology. The report looked at a variety of issues such as cloud versus on-site date storage, supplier selection, and included a case study from Balfour Beatty. 


Following initial distribution to our proprietary database of finance professionals and other "C" level executives, we carried out three follow up email broadcasts to further raise awareness of the advantages of cloud based versus on-premise data storage for accounting platforms.


To date, this report has achieved over 13,000 impressions. It's hosted on the world's leading digital publishing platform - ISSUU and, like all of our reports, is search engine optimised which means that this number will only increase over the next few months.


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