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Employee Benefits Solutions 

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It’s a well-worn cliché – a company’s most valuable asset is its staff - but just how seriously do businesses take this? A quick look at the corporate world reveals a wide range of attitudes.

Encryption Technology for Enterprise Data Protection – Sophos


This Special Report looks at encryption and describes why it is so important in today’s world. The article provides a step by step guide to implementing an encryption strategy for securing data, that is manageable, free of complexity and limits impact on user productivity.

Business Mobility Solutions ­Alphabet (GB) Limited


For businesses of all sizes looking to survive, the choice often comes down to make more revenue or become more efficient. If you can’t do one, you must do the other.

One way in which companies can improve their balance sheets is to make the best of their business mobility solutions and to unlock spare capacity.

Managing International Payments – Equiniti


This Report will look at the evolving nature of the international payments landscape. It will examine how new technology is revolutionising the nature of global money transfer and opening up vast new horizons for small businesses.

Governance Management Solutions – Nasdaq


This report describes how compliance has evolved and why board management has become an increasingly vital business proposition. New technology will play an important part in the future, particularly board portal software. These streamline important processes and increase the amount of information at a board’s fingertips.

Endpoint Security Solutions for Modern Enterprise IT and Data Protection – CenterTools Software


Today’s businesses must ask themselves a difficult question: is it possible to get the business they want these days while still keeping their data secure? For many, that question is still very much up in the air. Digitization and increasingly mobile working is creating new challenges for the end-point security market. This report discusses some of the ways in which advanced endpoint security systems are providing enhanced security for the internet age.

Master Data Management Solutions for Modern Enterprise Operations – Semarchy


Data is everywhere and its management is becoming an increasingly important business priority. It’s one which can be seen as both a threat, but also an opportunity. Data, when used in the right way, can also be seen as a commodity – one which can drive real value to the business.

Managing Workplace Health and Wellbeing ­

– Westfield Health & Wellbeing


The workplace has always been crucial to the health of a nation. What’s changing is a gradual realisation among employers of just how important a happy and healthy workforce can be. Not only is it something they should do ethically, but it’s also becoming key to the success of their businesses.

Data Storage Solutions for Modern Enterprise Applications – Samsung


We live in an age of big data in which businesses have access to more information than ever before, but all the signs are that we’ve only hit the tip of the iceberg. The vast majority of data lies locked in so-called dark data, which has been difficult to capture until now.

New technologies such as SSD drives have had a transformative effect on enterprise data management. But as the technology improves, the horizons of what it can achieve are expanding rapidly.

Data Management Solutions for Governance and GDPR Compliance  – Veritas Technologies

18 - Data Management Solutions for Gover

Much has been written about the arrival of GDPR. We’ve seen examples of companies being confused about how to comply with the rules and warnings of the potentially enormous fines. However, if approached in the right way the mere act of complying with GDPR can also deliver a number of important business benefits.

Managing Cybersecurity Governance – Nasdaq Global Corporate Solutions


Cybercrime seems to be everywhere these days. Businesses and individuals are under attack constantly.

Unsurprisingly, perhaps, companies are beginning to give cybersecurity governance much more attention. However, doing so can be quite an undertaking and one of the first things companies will need to do is update their IT infrastructure.

Omni-Channel Commerce Solutions for Modern Enterprise Operations – Intershop 


Digital technology has transformed the way we shop. It has given us more options, created a host of new services and made us much more demanding. Unsurprisingly, many retailers are struggling to keep up. They know what they have to do. They must move from single channel, to multi-channel and finally to omni-channel in which consumers receive a smooth, consistent, experience across all their different platforms. But doing so is easier said than done, and the sticking point normally lies in the back office.


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