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LED Lighting for Hazardous Offshore Areas – Eaton’s Crouse-Hinds

Special Report 32 - Next Generation LED

The Oil & Gas industry is a competitive business with operators competing with one another to discover the tiniest little advantage. It is then, ironic that perhaps the biggest step forward could come from one of the smallest and most unlikely sources imaginable.

Back-Up Power Solutions – AEG Power Solutions


Oil exploration is increasingly taking place in remote areas, deep water and harsh environments. Power requirements are on the up as are the risks of failure and power outages; however the consequences are also more severe. Delivering secure, uninterruptible power with robust redundancy measures and back up to cover peak respite is crucial.

Coating Technology for Downhole and Topside Oil and Gas Applications – Hardide Coatings


Ever since we first started drilling for oil, corrosion has been a nemesis for the oil and gas industry. Just a small failure in one pipeline can lead to anything from a costly day’s downtime to a major spill such as the Gulf of Mexico disaster. For years, equipment has been protected by impact, abrasion and corrosion resistant coating. However, there is considerable doubt about whether the current generation of materials is up to the task.

Speciality Lubricants for Marine and Offshore Oil and Gas Applications – Kluber


The oil and gas industry spends billions ever year on research and development as companies work to identify the best cutting-edge technologies to improve drilling efficiency. However, one area that often goes overlooked is the simple question of lubrication.

Radio Remote Control Systems for

Explosive Oil and Gas Operations – Hetronic USA


As offshore drilling becomes more hazardous and competitive, oil companies are increasingly turning to radio remote control systems. These can improve efficiency, reduce operational downtime and, crucially, enable personnel to operate heavy duty machinery remotely from a place of safety.

Next Generation Projector Technology for Geological Oil and Gas Operations – Sony Electronics Inc.


Offshore oil and gas operators are working in a much changed landscape. The stakes are higher; deep water exploration means the strain on equipment is greater; the scrutiny is increased; in a post-Macondo disaster world, regulators want greater reassurance on safety and equipment integrity. Upgrading to the latest 4K projector technology can offer real benefits. It can aid the interpretation and visualization of key data, it can improve monitoring of downhole conditions and it can reduce overall maintenance costs.

Complete Joint Integrity Assurance Solutions for Offshore Oil and Gas Operations – Hydratight


This Special Report looks at the importance of maintaining leak free performance from bolted joints in hydrocarbon processing facilities throughout their operational life and examines the current trends and best industry practices that deliver a true bolted joint integrity assurance program from first fabrication to final de-commission.

Water Treatment and Process Technology for Offshore Oil and Gas Operations – Evoqua


Water – and the way in which it is used - is vital to offshore oil and gas operations. Billions of tons of waste water are produced every year. It is used across the operation from heating and cooling, to well injection for enhanced oil recovery techniques. All of this water has to be treated and managed. Until now doing so was a difficult, costly and time-consuming task.

Ultra Polymer Technology for Offshore

Oil and Gas Applications – SOLVAY


As deep water exploration takes the industry into increasingly hostile environments, the industry needs a new generation of technologies to cope with the challenges of modern oil and gas exploration. One of the key areas of development comes in the form of plastic and elastomers. Extreme environment exploration and drilling takes companies into conditions which exceed the capacity of conventional materials. However, these are now making way for ultra polymers – hard wearing compounds uniquely qualified to function in the harshest of environments.

AC and DC UPS Solutions for Offshore Oil and Gas Engineering Applications – Schneider Electric


As the offshore market becomes more aggressive in its search for oil, its power requirements are also increasing. From hundreds of megawatts, platforms are now consuming thousands and could soon enter gigawatt territory. Providing all that in a safe, zero-interruption system, without breaking the bank and the planet is a major challenge.

Offshore Oil and Gas Life and Asset Protection Solutions – Tyco


Danger has always been part and parcel of life on board an oil rig. But given the great strides forward being made elsewhere, is the industry doing everything it can to ensure the safety of its personnel and what can be done to improve matters?


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