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Savox is focused on providing integrated defence communications - including future soldier systems - as well as safety and rescue products and solutions that improve user safety and save lives, whatever the conditions. The Savox product portfolio represents a unique and broad spectrum of products to support users in all these sectors in their daily operations, wherever they are, around the globe. From its 30 years of experience serving these highly demanding end-user segments, Savox has gained unique insight into their requirements, which, in turn, has enabled the company to produce some of the most innovative and market-driven solutions available anywhere today.


The primary aim of this project was to promote Savox's latest C4i enabling tactical intercom solution to military end users, defence procurement agencies, and prime contractors internationally.


To achieve this we produced a technical report that looked at issues such as the technical and operational effectiveness of next generation C4i tactical intercom communication systems, the evolving tactical military communications landscape, and the development of C4i communication technology.


The report was then distributed to armed forces and governments around the world and to date has had just over 25,000 impressions. Copies were also made available to client for distribution at major defence trade shows, conferences and exhibitions, and the 12 month content licence means they can re-purpose any part of the content we have produced for them in other marketing initiatives. 


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